Weight Loss Bundle

Weight Loss Bundle

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Our Weight Loss Bundle is a specially bundled for individuals new to supplements, aiming to optimize fat metabolism through a blend of natural and active ingredients.Each product within the bundle features an expertly balanced ratio of ingredients, scientifically formulated to efficiently metabolise stubborn body fat. It enhances training performance, supports muscle tissue and fat metabolise with premium whey protein with added thermogenic ingredients, and delivers essential macro and micronutrients vital for your body's needs.


  • 1kg Slim n Burn
  • 150g Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • 250g Fat burner Pre Workout
  • 250g BCAAs 2:1:1
Note: Bundle Packs are not available with ANY discount code.



Slim n Burn has been formulated using scientific literature and proven ingredients. Combining concentrated and isolated Grass Fed Whey Protein with active fat burning ingredients,


Acetyl L-carnitine is an amino acid produced by your body and is essential for transporting fat into cells to produce energy. It helps your muscle mitochondria utilise fats for energy, which can increase endurance levels, reduce fatigue and help you recover faster.


Fat burner Pre Workout is a thermogenic pre-workout. It has been designed specifically to help you in your body composition goals, we have taken the time formulating and evaluating every possible combination to create the ultimate thermogenic pre-workout. We have added proven ingredients to enhance fat-burning potential- L-Carnitine, Green Coffee bean, Caffeine and green coffee extract. These ingredients will not only increase fat burning potential, but energy levels and mental focus during your work-out.

BCAAs 2:1:1

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids, have been extensively studied, showing benefits in reducing muscle soreness, faster recovery time and a better retention of muscle mass post intense exercise.