Arginine HCL
Arginine HCL
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Arginine HCL

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What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is supplemented to increase Nitric Oxide production which can enhance work capacity, blood flow and endurance. L-Arginine is known to increase immune and heart health as well as provide some anti-aging effects. L-Arginine can also stimulate the release of GH, increasing recovery, fat loss and muscle growth.

L-Arginine is taken prior to training increasing nitric oxide levels and dilation of blood vessels to increase blood flow, energy production, strength and endurance.

Benefits of Arginine

↑ delivery of blood, nutrients and oxygen to working muscles

↑ energy production and endurance

↑ immune and heart health

↑ fat loss

Who is L-Arginine suitable for?

BULK NUTRITION L-Arginine can be recommended to anyone looking to increase physical performance during high intensity exercise. It is a nitric oxide booster to be used pre workout or to increase blood circulation generally day to day.



Mix 2g in 250ml of water and consume prior to exercise.


Use in conjunction with an appropriate physical training or exercise program.

Not suitable as sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet.

The product may assist in supplementing the diet with a high energy source as may be required during training.  Consume in accordance with directions and make sure an appropriate fluid intake is maintained.  Store in a cool dry place below 30degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight.  Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women